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We are committed to ensuring that the ABF Franchising Expo promotes a beneficial impact on both people and the environment. Our vision is to transform our event into an increasingly sustainable and socially responsible model.

Our purpose is to play a central role in supporting the franchise sector community, encouraging the improvement of its own sustainability. Through the connection of individuals and resources, we seek to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively and sustainably address the major challenges of the future.

As part of our commitment, we are focused on three sustainability pillars

Support for the 'Quebrada Alimentada' Project in donating food to families in vulnerable situations
Internal campaigns on the mindful use of energy during the event and sustainable technologies applied in booth setup.
Red June, blood donation encouragement. Orange June, awareness about leukemia and anemia.
Achieving higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological modernization, and innovation.
Relevant content on technical and professional skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship.
Reduce global per capita food waste by half, at retail and consumer levels, and reduce food losses throughout production and supply chains.
Selective waste collection and reuse of materials and carpets for booth assembly.
Enhance global partnerships for sustainable development, mobilizing knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources.
  • Better Stands Program: raising awareness among our exhibitors and stand builders to use reusable stands, thereby reducing waste generation;
  • Reduction of printed materials, using those with FSC certification;
  • Interactive map provided through the app, replacing the printed pocket map;
  • Utilization of LED lighting in Informa's pavilion and spaces, and optimization of air conditioning usage to reduce energy consumption;
  • Selective waste collection and environmentally sound disposal of all waste generated at the event;
  • Utilization of carpet made from recycled PET, with 80% reused from previous events. Post-event waste is directed towards recycling and transformed into new products;
  • Offering vegan and vegetarian food options at event restaurants and snack bars;
  • At the event exit, a designated area is provided for the conscious disposal of credentials, which will be reused at future events.
  • Hiring People with Disabilities (PWD) in partnership with the PAE (Efficient Attendant Program) program;
  • Encouraging blood donation with the Red June campaign
  • Motorized wheelchairs are provided for accessibility at the event;
  • We support the initiatives of the 'Quebrada Alimentada' Project in donating food to families in vulnerable situations;


  • Support for the "Quebrada Alimentada" project;
  • Reuse of materials (80% of carpets reused);
  • Facilitated mobility (free transfers);
  • Hiring PWD professionals to work at the event;
  • Use of FSC-certified paper in printed materials;
  • Reduction of PVC credential emissions;
  • Reuse of credential bags;
  • Selective collection of organic and recyclable materials;
  • Use of LED bulbs in booths.

Help improve the sustainability of the ABF Franchising Expo


  • Consider how you will arrive at the event using low-carbon transportation options such as public transport, free transfers, or carpooling;
  • Bring your printed credential on FSC-certified paper;
  • Recycle your waste on-site and at your hotel whenever possible;

  • Support our charity partners by donating 1kg of non-perishable food to the "Quebrada Alimentada" Project;

  • Consider choosing vegetarian and vegan food options and avoid food waste whenever possible; 

  • Take only the gifts or brochures that you need and will use; consider if there are digital alternatives;

  • Plan your trip in advance to secure better prices and accommodations closer to the event. Get to know the official travel agency of ABF Expo: https://www.abfexpo.com.br/en/travel-and-accommodation.html



  • Ensure that your booth can be reused by your company or contracted builder;
  • Consider the waste your booth will generate and try to minimize it as much as possible. Ensure that unavoidable waste is recycled.
  • Select LED lighting and other energy-efficient equipment for your booth and make sure to turn off your equipment at the end of the day.
  • Optimize your shipments by consolidating them and choosing logistics companies with strong sustainability credentials.
  • Reduce paper distributions by going digital and acquire sustainably certified paper where printing is necessary.
  • Engage in numerous initiatives and conversations throughout the event aimed at facilitating and inspiring sustainable development in your sector.
  • Inspire sustainable development in your sector by promoting your company and the sustainability credentials of your products and services.


Sustainability at Informa Markets

The ABF Franchising Expo is promoted and organized by Informa Markets and the Informa Group. Sustainability at Informa focuses on the long-term impacts we have on customers, colleagues, communities where we operate, and the environment. For this reason, Informa has developed the FasterForward approach to sustainable business.

Informa's goal is to become an increasingly sustainable and positively impactful business. Through the FasterForward program, we are incorporating sustainability into everything we do and seizing opportunities to help our customers and markets do the same.

FasterForward is a program structured in three parts, with ambitious commitments and a wide range of activities covering Informa's business operations, our brands and products, and our broader community impact.

When it comes to sustainability, we are moving forward faster


Get in touch with us and share your story

Would you like to work with us on the sustainability of our event? Do you want to share your own story and efforts? Have an idea? Contact the event team and Informa's sustainability team for more information: [email protected]