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Opportunities for those who want to expose their brand and expand their business network.

Include in your expansion strategy the ABF Franchising Expo - the largest face-to-face media platform aimed at the entrepreneurial public, which brings content, experiences and many attractions.

With more than 400 exhibiting brands, distributed in 31 thousand m² of exhibition, the event reinvents traditional segments, embraces recognized brands joining the system and opens the doors to new entrants.

The 2023 edition of ABF Expo was more than a success. In 4 days of event, there were more than 400 exhibiting brands, with almost 129 participating for the first time, which brought news and delighted the public with the various business possibilities. More than 61,000 entrepreneurs from various areas of Brazil and even abroad attended the event.

On the success of 2023

  • 85% of the exhibition area sold for the 2023 edition
  • 77% of exhibitors point to ABF Franchising Expo as the best fair in the sector
  • 43% of visitors intend to open their own business or expand their franchise investments
  • 47% of visitors want to know or expand their knowledge about franchising
  • Visitation of more than 61 thousand entrepreneurs
  • More than 400 exhibiting brands
  • 4 days of fair for business generation and networking

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