Attractions ABF Franchising Expo 2020

The Knowledge Arena receives more than 3,000 people in its lectures annually. In all its programming, it counts on a team of franchising experts in 4 simultaneous spaces for presentations, where the entrepreneurial potential can expand its knowledge and have direct contact with subjects indispensable for those who want to join the franchise system.

In 2019, topics such as: Concepts of Franchising, How Franchise Selection Works, Tips for Evaluating and Choosing a Microfranchise, Practical Tips for Starting a Business, Franchise Agreements, Franchising Law, etc. A practical and direct content that makes a true overview of the franchising system in Brazil.

Attractive business models that for a smaller investment value facilitate the realization of the dream of those who wish to have their own business, microfranquias have a highlight in this exclusive space.

The Boulevard de Microfranquias, is dedicated to networks with investment of up to R $ 90 thousand, bringing together brands with innovations in this model that is a trend and attracts large qualified public at the fair.

The Mounting My Franchise area annually brings together specialized suppliers for the franchising system, presenting various types of products and services, such as: IT tools, marketing services, geolocation, point of sale design, payment systems, among others.

LAB ABF by Oasis LAB is an exclusive environment in the ABF Franchising Expo, to introduce several startups and companies to generate projects, business and innovation. Bringing together solutions and technologies aimed at franchisees and franchisees from different segments of the franchise and retail universe.

Booth Design Award

We want to stimulate design as a strategic tool in the creation and installation of projects that represent the image of brands. That is why ABF and the Retail Design Institute annually award the best stands of the fair.


All booths are evaluated during the fair by a judging committee coordinated by RDI, which analyzes various criteria, such as: originality, innovative concept, relevance, layout and outstanding design, application of technology and equipment, use of materials and finishes, visual communication and signage / graphics, visual merchandising and furniture.

* Award categories are determined by booth size:

with area over 100 sqm
Medium: with an area of 49 to 99 sqm
Small: with area up to 48 sqm

And the 4th prize is awarded to those who stood out for having INNOVATION in their booth regardless of the size of the booth

The Booth Design Award - an initiative of ABF and the RDI - Retail Design Institute, which annually recognizes the stands that stand out the most.

The winners of the 2019 Stand Design Award were:

• Small Porte: Outler
• Midsize: Fuel
• Big Porte - Linx
• Innovation - Magnólia

Sustainable Stand Award

Good practices of social and environmental responsibility are disseminated among franchising brands. And ABF - Brazilian Franchising Association, recognizes and rewards annually four exhibitor brands and their automakers that applied principles of sustainability in their booths at the event.


Contact BR + 10 so that they can explain how the award works, so that your expositor brand prepares to participate and let us know about the good socio-environmental practices practiced at the event, taking into account the minimization of water use and electricity generation, waste generation and management, as well as accessibility and social responsibility criteria.An audit will be done by the agency BR + 10, responsible for the sustainability projects of the event, considered the compliments of the actions and for obtaining a higher score in its category *. Defining thus the brands that stand out as winners of the Prize and their respective assemblers responsible for the stand.

* Categories are established by booth size:

Large: over 100 sqm
Medium: 90 to 99 sqm
Small: 50 to 89 sqm
Micro: up to 49 sqm



• Large Size: SANTANDER (assembler: 2R Location and facilities)
• Medium Size: IGUI (assembler: PROGEU)
• Small Size: FEMSA COCA-COLA (assembler: J.I. Assemblies)
• Micro: MORDIDELA (assembler: Arquiplano)